Balance Bikes

"For an easy and stylish way to teach young children to ride, Martha looks to Early Rider balance bikes and Little Nutty helmets by Nutcase."
"A new breed of bicycles that claims to help improve balance and allay jitters is changing how kids reach this childhood milestone. The bikes promote a simple strategy: ride without the pedals first."

“You have to remove life’s training wheels someday… Start slowly with an Early Rider learner bike… The clever contraption turns traditional learning-to-ride philosophy on its head by teaching tykes to balance from day one."

"With spring just on the horizon you may be considering a bike for your little one. Sadly there are few nice choices when it comes to bikes for the five-years-old and under set. But you do have one smart choice - the Early Rider Bike from Tyke Ryder."

“Here, you'll find all that's new & next in the world of WIRED: Cutting-edge technology & design... Early Rider is a balance bike with attitude!”

"More and more options for balance bikes are becoming available to parents. One brand that has become very popular in Europe and now is available in the US is the Early Rider Balance Bike. We did a comparison of the Early Rider to other balance bikes on the market and found many positive attributes that this bike had that the others didn't."

"Learning to ride a bike is a childhood rite of passage — especially in sunny L.A. where Tori Spelling and Minnie Driver’s little ones ride around on Tyke Rider’s Early Rider bikes. Unlike traditional tricycles, these wooden and pedal-less bikes help kids — as young as 20 months-old — really master balance, which is key to building confidence for later riding."

“We've posted about balance bikes before, but the much-acclaimed Early Rider, formerly available only in Europe, is a great new entry in the Stateside arena, with a couple of features that differentiate it from the rest of the crowd.”

“Just because your child is too young for pedals, doesn’t mean he’s too young to appreciate the hefty dose of awesomeness that comes with the Early Rider Classic training bike.”
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"I've long been a fan of the wooden, pedal-less early rider bikes which get kids more confident and more able to ride a real bicycle than anything I ever had back in the Stone Age. Well praise the gods of affordable fabulosity for the new learning bike from TykeRider."

“Other trainer bikes will run for cover when your little one rolls into the cul-de-sac on this Early Rider Classic.”

“Early Rider Balance Bikes have been the “Must Have” toy in Europe for the past year and half and until now parents would have to travel to Europe to get their hands on this fab bike BUT now parents can get their hands on this bike exclusively at Although there have been other Balance Bikes selling in the US nothing compares to Early Rider Bikes.”

"A cinch to assemble, my daughter was ready to rock and roll in just moments. Armed with her sassy helmet, the cautious lil lass jumped onto the frame and took off down the driveway."
 - LilSugar 

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“Tyke Rider's Early Rider Classic -- with its cool chopper styling, 'fat-boy' rear wheel and faux-leather saddle -- is a trainer "balance" bike with attitude. The pedal-free design encourages mobility and rapid development of balance, strength and fine motor skills in children aged 2-5 years.”

"What makes Early Rider Bikes different then the other balance bikes out there? It is their method of design, the finish, and accreditation.”

“The Early Riders are bikes without pedals. They are super cool looking and teach kids balance. Unlike tricycles, the Early Rider lets little kids feel like a big kid. They also improve self-confidence and motor skills.”

"Inside Kourtney Kardashian’s Baby Shower"
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"Jessica Alba's daughter, Honor Marie Alba, always looks like she's having fun on her Wishbone 3 in 1 bike."
- Mom Finds

"How cute does 2-year-old Levi McConaughey look on his two-wheeler? We guess it won't be long till we see Levi bicycling alongside Matthew McConaughey and his workout buddy Lance Armstrong! Livestrong, Levi!"
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“Helmets are essential for protecting your child on bicycles or skates, but they only work if you can actually get the kid to wear them. These Little Nutty Helmets are so cool, you’ll be lucky if they’ll take them off to go to bed at night.”
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"Whether your kid is on a skateboard, scooter, bicycle or trike, a safe, good-fitting helmet is key to your kiddo’s safety as well as your sanity. That’s why were stoked to come across the super stylish Little Nutty Helmets."
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“Don’t forget to check out the Little Nutty Helmets… which are super cute, innovative, and cool. Each helmet is made from an ABS shell and with an EPS shock-absorbing liner.”